Marlin Hotel South Beach Miami

Isophlux Records started in 1994 in Miami's South Beach by Shad Scott and former partner Seven label boss of Chocolate Industries. The two friends met through mutual friends at South Beach Studios in the famous Art Deco hotel the Marlin. The Marlin was at the center of Miami Beach's creative scene housing a top music studio and modeling agency Elite.  At the time Shad was running the small preproduction studio for Chris Blackwell's Island Records were the two would listen and discuss music daily.


The two friends shared the same passion for new and fresh sounds and always digging through new and used record bins to pacify them. Frustrated by the lack of new music and outlets from the U.S. they decided to start their own record label for U.S. artist that shared this same desire to explore new musical concepts.


Isophlux was born in September of 1994 with it's first record release party at The Marlin Hotel bring out local artist, Djs, studio clients, and friends to celibate the birth of the label. Soon after it's establishment the two got to work releasing  Shad's first solo release "Sand Pail" ISO-001EP and Greg "Stryke" Chin's "Electronic Emotions" ISO-002EP. Following with releases from such well known artist as Lusine, Jimmy Edgar and more.


Today the Isophlux mission is to support current artist project Gosub, Dcast Dynamics and others with new releases and new information relating to activities around these artist.


We continue...

Est. 1994

Marlin Hotel South Beach Miami
Marlin Hotel South Beach Miami